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Meritve aktivnih tektonskih mikro premikov: premerjava razmer v slovenskih kraških jamah s kraškimi področji v južni Nevadi ZDA
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1 March 2015–31 December 2016

Karst caves preserve traces of geological and speleological data for a million or more years. Thus they are a unique natural archive. Caves and karst areas preserve also the traces of neotectonics, and historic earthquakes. In proposed project we want to compare the results of active tectonic movement monitoring using different methods (seismology, geology, active tectonics, geotechnical engineering, soil dynamics, rock mechanics, TM 71 extensometer monitoring, static vertical pendulum, radon) and compare conditions from Slovene karst caves with karst areas of Southern Nevada USA.

Project manager at ZRC

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Slovenian Research Agency


active tectonics • karst • earthquakes