The Programme will continue the development of integral international karstology. We will develop research into the karst surface, caves, waters, biological characteristics and evolution of the karst, and combine findings into an understanding of three-dimensional karst landscapes. This stage will place greatest emphasis on integrating approaches to researching karst phenomena and regions (44% of Slovenia, 30% of Europe, 20% of the world is covered by karst). With cooperation from experts from various fields we will surpass the general, shallow omniscience and narrow scope. We will build on the rich tradition of Slovenian karstology, being developed in our Kras region and in the Classical Karst, as well as our status in the international karstological community. 

Study of Rock Relief, Important Trace of the Formation and Evolution of Karst Caves and Surface on Diverse Carbonate Rocks and under Diverse Conditions

Micro-displacement monitoring in caves and Understading of cave micro-climate

Research on karst waters

Microorganisms in underground

Multidisciplinary approach to long-term ecological studies of subterranean environment

Study of recent speleogenesis


Program manager at ZRC

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Slovenian Research Agency


karstology • karst geology • karst geomorphology • speleology • cave climate • carbon cycle • karst hydrogeology • karst biology • karst microbiology • karst ecology • planning of life on karst • protection of karst