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Skupni sistem vrednotenja trajnostnosti upravljanja z vodnimi viri parkov Škocjanske jame in Risnjak
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1 January 2014–17 June 2015

Foundations for long-term sustainable management of water resources in the cross-border area between the natural parks Škocjanske jame and Risnjak will be set based on the research, educational, and awareness-raising activities. A complex process of water management has to follow the goals of various sectors, consider complex natural conditions (karst aquifers with specific characteristics of groundwater flow), and in the cross-border area also pay regards to the relations between two neighbouring countries. A comprehensive management of water resources demands co-operation of all sectors in the horizontal, as well as in the vertical direction from inhabitants, local communities, regions to states.

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Project manager at ZRC


Inštitut za raziskovanje krasa ZRC SAZU • Geološki zavod Slovenije • Nacionalni park Risnjak • Geotehnički fakultet - Sveučilište Zagreb • Grad Delnice

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EU (OP IPA Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013): 85 %, Republic of Slovenia: 10 %, ZRC: 5 %


karst • cross-border area • water resources • management