Tanja Pipan, PhD

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She has broad research interests in subterranean biology, especially biodiversity, biogeography, and ecosystem function. She has active research projects on subterranean biodiversity, diversity and biogeography of epikarst invertebrates, ecology of shallow subterranean habitats, their fauna and evolutionary importance, and organic carbon flux in karst.

2018: Selected by the expert commission at the first reception of scientists at the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor (11. 1. 2018).
2017: Selected by a panel of experts on the list of 50 Ona Plus žensk/women.
2016: ZRC SAZU Gold Award: prize for outstanding scientific research results
2015: Nominated by UNG and ZRC SAZU for the Miroslav Zei Award for Outstanding Achievements at NIB in 2015.
2007: Karst Waters Institute „Distinguished Service Award” for service on the Time in Karst symposium, Postojna, Slovenia.
2005: Grant from UNESCO IGCP Project 513 „Global Study of Karst Aquifers and Water Resources” for an interesting and innovative project presented at the Cvijic karst 2005 Conference in Belgrade and Kotor.
2003: Grant for the most significant young researcher from ZRC SAZU for scientific work.
2004: The SIBIOS (Société Internationale de Biospéologie) prize for the best presentation during the XVIIth International Symposium of Biospeleology at Raipur, India.
2004: Grant awarded for the most promising young scientist at the Trans-KARST 2004 International Transdisciplinary Conference on Development and Conservation of Karst Regions at Ha Noi, Vietnam.
2004: Elected head and coordinator of Slovenia LTER (Long-Term Ecological Research) network.
2005: Grant from the Slovenian Science Foundation for the advanced scientific study in the USA.
2005-2006: Grant from the Word Federation of Scientists (WFS), National Scholarship Programme.

Original scientific articles

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Chapters in scientific monographs

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Scientific monographs

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Education: Ph.D. in Biology

Scientific title: Research Advisor

Academic title: Associate Professor of Biology

subterranean fauna
environmental monitoring