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Uporaba sledenj z naravnimi in umetnimi sledili pri načrtovanju zaščite kraških voda
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1 February 2008–31 January 2011

The plan of karst water protection should be based on a profound knowledge of the characteristics of water flow and transport of substances through the karst. The tracing with natural and artificial tracers was proved as one of the most adequate methods for such studies. In the project we tested the applicability of this method in three important phases of the preparation of expert basis for the karst water protection: assessment of intrinsic and specific vulnerability, and planning of the monitoring of the quality of karst waters. The study area was the karst water system in the catchment of the Malenščica spring.

Project manager at ZRC

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Slovenian Research Agency, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

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Hidrogeologija, inženirska geografija in inženirska geologija P470 


water tracing • karst waters • aquifer • protection • vulnerability