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Use of tracing with environmental and artificial tracers in planning of the protection of karst waters

Basic Info


Project type: Marie Curie Actions, 6th Framework Program EU

Five events were held as part of the project, where we emphasized the educational part of the already established meeting of karst experts, and particularly emphasized the interdisciplinary nature of karst science and the intertwining of theory and practical solutions. The main topics were: Sustainable Management of Natural and Environmental Resources on Karst, Time in Karst, Management of Transboundary Karst Aquifers, Karst Sediments, Cave Climate. They were first presented at each school by four internationally recognized experts with introductory lectures and then complemented by the other participants with a total of 123 short lectures and 235 posters. Expert excursions were prepared by colleagues from the Institute, and a total of 10 half-day and 7 full-day excursions were conducted. In all five events we counted 592 participants from 44 countries from all continents. We awarded a total of 232 Marie Curie fellowships to 150 young scientists from 34 countries, with 51 fellows receiving funding more than once.


Project type
applied project

karst waters
water tracing

Research areas
Hidrogeologija, inženirska geografija in inženirska geologija P470