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BlackSeaHazNet - Complex Research of Earthquake's Prediction Possibilities, Seismicity and Climate
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1 January 2011–31 December 2012

The purpose of project is development of long-term research cooperation through coordinated joint program of researcher’s exchange. The base is Complex Program for research the possibilities for earthquake’s forecast on the bases of reliable precursor activities and signals. Precursors list includes geophysical and seismological monitoring of region, monitoring of water sources and their Radon, Helium, Mercury concentrations, crust temperature, monitoring of electromagnetic field under, on, and above Earth surface, meteorological monitoring, including earthquake clouds, electrical charge distributions and ionosphere variations, near space monitoring, aimed to estimate Earth or Sun and Space (Cosmic Rays) origins of variations, and biological precursors. The scientific and practical results are considered in workshops and regional training seminars.

Project manager at ZRC


Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of nuclear research and nuclear energy, Bulgaria

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Geologija, fizična geografija P005 • Tektonika P440 • Geofizika, fizična oceanografija, meteorologija P500 • Kozmični žarki P211 


earthquake prediction • tectonics