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1 July 2018–31 August 2021
C3330-19-952062, 23. 12. 2019

ZRC SAZU is leading institution of the project »DEVELOPMENT OF RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIVENESS OF THE SLOVENIAN DEVELOPMENT OF RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE SPACE – RI-SI-LifeWatch«. Participating partners are: National Institute of Biology (NIB), Slovenian Forestry Institute (GIS), University of Ljubljana (UL), University of Maribor (UM). Contract number C3330-19-952062 between ZRC SAZU and MIZŠ was signed on 23. 12. 2019.


The operation is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. This operation is being implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the European Cohesion Policy 2014-2020, under Priority Axis 1: "International competitiveness of research, innovation and technological development in line with smart specialization for greater competitiveness and greening of the economy"; Priority Investment 1.1: "Strengthening infrastructure for research and innovation and the capacity to develop excellence in this area, as well as to promote competent centers, especially those of European importance"; Specific Objective 1.1.1: "Effective use of research infrastructure and development of knowledge/competences for better national and international cooperation in the Knowledge Triangle".

Operation is part of »Načrt razvojnih programov« (NRP) no. 3330-19-1142. EU contribution is 80%.




  • 7.9.2020 - Project presentation, data center presentation and reporting procedure presentation, Postojna

    Project presentation, foto Jasmina Čeligoj Biščak

    Data center presentation, foto Jasmina Čeligoj Biščak

    Reporting procedure presentation, foto Mateja Zadel

    (presentations in Slovenian: podatkovno_vozlisce_izrk.pdfpredstavitev_ri_lw-elter_2020.pdfpredstavitev_uporaba_opreme.pdf)


  • 16.9.2020 –  3rd International Workshop on Semantics for Biodiversity, Bozen Italy
  • October 2020 11. 5. 2020EU project, my project. Promotion of projects RI-SI-EPOS and RI-SI-LifeWatch, Postojna
  • October 2020  25. –26. 5. 2020General Assembly LifeWatch ERIC, Postojna
  • October 2020 27. – 29. 5. 2020 – Scientific Conference BEeS, Ljubljana



NEW SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT Within RI-SI-LifeWatch project partners are purchasing scientific equipment for study and collection of scientific data from the field of biodiversity.


  • ALJANČIČ, Magdalena, PIPAN, Tanja, ŠEBELA, Stanka. Research infrastructures and karst science = Raziskovalne infrastrukture in krasoslovje. V: BLATNIK, Matej (ur.), et al. Karst hydrogeology - research trends and applications : abstracts & guide book = Kraška hidrogeologija - raziskovalni trendi in uporaba izsledkov : povzetki & vodnik. 1st ed. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC. 2019, str. 118-119. COBISS.SI-ID 44887341]
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  • KNEZ, Martin (urednik), OTONIČAR, Bojan (urednik), PETRIČ, Metka (urednik), PIPAN, Tanja (urednik), SLABE, Tadej (urednik). Karstology in the classical karst, (Advances in karst science). Cham: Springer, cop. 2020. XII, 222 str., ilustr., zvd., graf. prikazi. ISBN 978-3-030-26826-8, doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-26827-5. [COBISS.SI-ID 17912067]

Lead partner

Project manager at ZRC


National Institute of Biology – Marine Biology Station Piran (NIB) • Slovenian Forestry Institute (GIS) • University of Ljubljana – Biotechnical Faculty (UL BF) • University of Nova Gorica – School of Environmental Sciences (UNG) • Regional Park Škocjan Caves (PSJ) • Slovenian Museum of Natural History (PMS) • Society for Cave Biology (TULAR Cave Laboratory) • University of Maribor – Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (UM)

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EC European Regional Development Fund


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