Joint Geo-Information System (GIS) for Emergency Protection of Drinking Water Resources

Basic Info


The aim of the project is the implementation of a common transboundary system of protection measures in the cases of endangerment of drinking water sources due to technological risks and natural disasters in the area of Goriška, Obalno-kraška and Gorenjska statistical regions, and the autonomous region Friuli–Venezia Giulia. The key achievements of the project will be the upgrade of the GIS system with a hydrogeological model of the karst aquifer of the Trnovo-Banjšice plateau and aluvial plain of the Soča River (two main common sources of drinking water in the transboundary Trieste-Gorica area) and with a Decision Support System based on the analysis of the impact of land-use on drinking water sources.

protection of drinkable water

Research areas
Hidrogeologija, inženirska geografija in inženirska geologija P470