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Integralni sistem poplavno vzdržnega prostorskega načrtovanja
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1 January 2016–31 December 2018
J5-7178 (B)

The purpose is to develop and test an integral system of flood sustainable spatial planning and required measures. The project addresses a gap between research of (living) environment, spatial planning, monitoring and simulation of processes of extreme hydrological events. It is back-grounded by review, improvements and adjustment of methods from the fields of environmental modelling, urban planning and flood prevention, as well as preventive measures and their improvements. The assumptions are that living is a main activity in a space, that a simulation model is a practical and useful tool for flood prediction and warning, and that it is crucial when forming such a model to equally take into account natural characteristics as well as man-made interventions in the environment. The proposed integral system will be applied in karst area, as acquainted with hydrology of such area is very difficult.

Project manager at ZRC

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Slovenian Research Agency


spatial planning • flood • karst • polje