Basic information
Original title:
Expert opinion for the Safety and Sport Driving Centre "Greben"-Materija
Researchers involved:
1 December 2011–15 December 2011

Point of view of morphological change of contact karst, influence on karst waters and karst caves is investigated in frame of expert opinion. Expert opinion is required since foreseen Safety and Sport Driving Centre is planned in vicinity of typical blind valleys Brezovica and Odolina located in Matarsko podolje, Slovenia.


We summarised present findings on field of contact karst morphology of active and fossil contact karst, hydrogeological characteristics of wider and of closer area and its active and fossil speleological function. We verified also position of 17 karst caves, that lie on or in direct vicinity of foreseen Safety and Sport Driving Centre. Expert opinion comprises 25 pages, still 8 supplements are enclosed additionally.

Project manager at ZRC

Funded by

Municipality of Hrpelje-Kozina

Fields of research

Geologija, fizična geografija P005 • Hidrogeologija, inženirska geografija in inženirska geologija P470 • Fizična geografija, geomorfologija, pedologija, kartografija, klimatologija P510 


karst • safety driving centre • contact karst • Matarsko podolje